This Electric Sportscar One-Ups Other EVs When It Comes To Charging Time

This past June, only 12 months after Nyobolt originally revealed its concept for a supercharged EV sports car, the team revealed its working prototype, developed in tandem with Callum Designs. This sporty little number is equipped with Nyobolt’s proprietary charging technology, which was put to the test with the assistance of a 350kW DC charger. For reference, that’s around the maximum voltage of a typical DC Fast Charger.

After plugging into the charger at 10% battery capacity, Nyobolt’s custom-made 50Ah 35kWh battery pack surged to life, juicing up to 80% capacity in just four minutes and 37 seconds. Based on Nyobolt’s estimates, with this quick recharge, the prototype car would be able to travel around 120 miles before needing another top-off.

In addition to being remarkably fast at recharging, Nyobolt’s batteries have proven to be surprisingly resilient. Over the course of multiple tests, its 24.5Ah power cells have successfully withstood over 4,000 full DoD (Depth of Discharge) fast charge cycles, the driving distance equivalent of 600,000 miles. In spite of this heavy usage, the batteries have seen only negligible levels of degradation, still receiving power at the same speed and easily reaching over 80% charge capacity.

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