Transformer Incident Leads to Power Outage in Southeast Watertown | Local News

{KXLG – Watertown, SD} On Sunday, June 23rd, just before 9 am, Watertown Fire Rescue (WFR) responded to a report of a smoking transformer in the area of 9th Ave and 14th St. SE.

Upon arrival, crews found a large transformer switch station emitting white smoke. Due to the high voltage running into the box, WFR crews had to wait for Municipal Utilities (MU) to arrive and open the box.

WFR provided standby while MU crews worked on the utility box. Once opened, no further fire or arcing was found within the box. This quick response and effective collaboration between WFR and MU ensured the situation was handled safely and efficiently.

Following the incident, MU crews worked diligently to restore power to its customers. A large portion of Southeast Watertown was affected by the outage. The MU team’s swift action minimized the power outage’s duration and ensured a quick return to normalcy for the residents.

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