New South Wales introduces grant for kerbside EV charging

The NSW Government has announced plans to invest $4.1 million to install a network of 671 EV charging ports at 391 sites across the state. This will be matched by $8 million in private investment. In terms of capacity, the new kerbside chargers will be capable of charging from 7 kW to 75 kW and will include pole-mounted stations, pedestal chargers and ‘kiosk’ charging stations.

The plan is to install the kerbside chargers across 16 local government areas, through eight grant recipients, including Waverley Council, the City of Newcastle, Evie Networks, EVSE, EVX, Jolt Charge, Plus ES and ChargePost.

“This investment will significantly increase the availability of public charging options and give people confidence their next vehicle purchase can be an EV,” said Minister for Climate Change and Energy Penny Sharpe, adding: “Almost 30% of NSW drivers do not have access to private, off-street parking to charge an EV. That figure is considerably higher in metro areas. We will continue to roll out EV charging grants to further support the NSW goal of being the easiest place in Australia to own and drive an electric vehicle.”

The charging infrastructure investment is part of a larger funding commitment to electrify traffic in the state, as the NSW government is investing a total of $209 million in the installation of charging infrastructure. This is split into “$149 million for EV fast chargers which reduce the time it takes to top up batteries,” “$20 million for EV destination charging grants to install ports at regional tourist destinations in NSW,” and “$10 million in EV ready buildings to retrofit EV infrastructure in apartment buildings.”

Member for Coogee Dr Marjorie O’Neill added: “A combined total of $1.2 million will fund 202 charge ports across 138 sites in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. “We have now well surpassed our key election promise to deliver $700,000 to support EV charging infrastructure in Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra councils.”

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