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HOLBROOK, Ariz. — Navajo County has announced that its recently-initiated Comprehensive Plan update will include a more in-depth review specific to the role and placement of renewable energy production facilities.

The county’s existing Comprehensive Plan was first adopted in May 2004 and has not seen major updates since its original adoption, even though the county has seen significant growth over the past 20 years. This includes growth in the renewable energy market.

Investment in renewable energy production has become an attractive development in Navajo County due to the convergence of natural wind currents, abundant sunshine and the availability of options for power transmission to other parts of the state.

“The role of the Comprehensive Plan is to create a vision for the future of the county that aligns the values and goals for our communities, opportunities for housing and industry development, and plans for the preservation of those features that make Navajo County a special place to live,” County Manager Bryan Layton said. “This is a thoughtful and deliberate process that will eventually guide our day-to-day decisions on all types of development.

The Navajo County Board of Supervisors has always preferred to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to development in the county. We are at a unique point in time when we are seeing a convergence of industry interest in our region, coupled with the update of the county’s Comprehensive Plan and the community’s feedback into what county-wide development could look like. As a result, the County’s Comprehensive Plan will include holistic guidance on the role and placement of renewable energy production.”

The county’s Comprehensive Plan is the ideal mechanism for residents to share their feedback with the Board of Supervisors on what they feel is the best approach to development throughout Navajo County, including placement of renewable energy projects.

This feedback will be included as part of the county’s study and assessment of renewable energy production, which will then lead to a review of its current ordinance, comparison to other ordinances in the state, evaluation of the benefits to taxpayers through property taxes, survey of job creation, review of documentation regarding impact to general welfare, impact to other existing industries (such as ranching and agriculture), and plan to identify and preserve scenic vistas.

The county is asking for residents to be involved in the update to the Comprehensive Plan and share their vision for the future at the county’s website.

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