GenZ’s ChargeClub offers credits toward EV chargers for using its F&I programs

GenZ Automotive is linking its F&I programs to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

During last week’s NIADA Convention and Expo, the company announced the launch of its ChargeClub, which allows its F&I customers to earn EV credits – similar to airline frequent flyer miles – that can be redeemed for EV charging hardware, which it said will save thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs.

GenZ said ChargeClub offers a wide range of charging options, from 10 kW to 640 kW, including traditional DCFC, solar, LP, natural gas, energy storage and battery-buffered systems. It is also designed to “evolve” with the rapidly changing EV landscape by allowing dealerships to update and expand their technology every three years.

The company said it offers customizable plans to help dealers eliminate significant up-front EV infrastructure expenses and does not require a commitment, so dealers can keep their current F&I providers and earn EV credits as needed.

EV credits are earned by using GenZ Automotive’s F&I products, which the company said can integrate with existing providers to fill gaps in traditional offerings. The credits can then be exchanged for EV charging hardware, installation and maintenance services.

GenZ’s F&I offerings include:

  • Keyfetch, a free key retrieval service for all EVs sold during the first year of ChargeClub.


  • Highline VSC, which provides comprehensive coverage on all vehicles, including those with high mileage, and no vehicle age limit.


  • EV service contracts on preowned EVs.


In addition, GenZ said it has no dealership chargebacks, protecting up to $2000 in dealership gross profits when customers cancels their policy, as well as integration with major F&I menu providers.

GenZ vice president of OEM/automotive partnerships Bill Bieser said he believes ChargeClub “will revolutionize the way dealerships approach EV infrastructure and F&I needs.”

“With ChargeClub,” he said, “we aim to make dealerships more profitable by being the only operator that can provide a one-stop solution for their EV infrastructure while plugging the gaps in their F&I offerings.”

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