FirstEnergy provides tips on how to keep homes cool and energy consumption down ahead of heatwave across the U.S., Ohio

(WYTV) — Extreme heat is dangerous and can be costly.

With temps staying in the mid-90s almost all week staying cool is going to be key to staying healthy and conserving energy can save your wallet.

FirstEnergy is expecting a significant rise in energy use with more people using their AC and fans to keep their homes cool.

Lauren Sirburkis from FirstEnergy says there are a couple of tips to keep homes cool and energy consumption down.

She says to avoid appliances like the stove and dryer during the hottest times of the day.

Using shades and curtains on windows that face the sun can help keep the heat from getting inside.

Sirburkis also says fans don’t keep a room cool, they cool people. So, make sure to conserve energy by turning them off when you can.

Sirburkis says they’re prepared for the demand.

“We’re prepared to handle to extreme heat that we’re expected to experience over the next few days but we encourage everybody to still use their energy wisely at home,” Sirburkis said. “You know people are going to be cranking their a-cs to stay cool and comfortable in their home and you know just using it responsibly.”

Sirburkis says people can stay up to date if there are any power outages by going to FirstEnergy’s website.

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