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How are you using AI to support bp’s ambition?

We’ve been working with AI and machine learning for a while now. 

Above all, on our journey to net zero, we want safe operations and AI can be incredibly useful for that. There’s an amazing app we created in 2018 called safe2go that Air bp uses to prevent misfuelling – it does this by using computer vision to match images on the aircraft to the correct fuel. It’s had a 100% success rate and has won four innovation awards. 


Already, AI is helping us do things like choose the best locations to build a hydrogen plant or install the next EV charger. In our oil and gas business, we’ve built a tool that when I started out as an engineer, I couldn’t dream of. For example, we’ve got geologists, or more precisely, biostratigraphers, whose job is to identify the best places to drill by studying the layers in rocks. A job that used to take two months, they can do in days using this tool.

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